Employees Recently

We have had some interesting times with employees recently. One employee who had been with us for over a year decided to go out for his birthday (He was 30 turning 31) I suspect that he had some previous drug or alcohol problems because as soon as he went out and started drinking he totally […]

Some of the joys of owning your own business

Got a call from our manager today and found out he was in the hospital the night before. He is unable to work and the “assistant manager” can’t work any more than his scheduled hours. So, we end up having a couple of the non-managerial employees covering the store. They haven’t been trained on returns […]

Manager training day two

Another productive day working with the managers. I think they are starting to realize that we need them to step up and actually manage the stores… go figure. 🙂

Manager training

Today was the first day out of three for our manager training. I’ve been working with the full time manager for our Idaho Falls store and our assistant manager for the Bountiful store. So far it has been going pretty good!  After a bit of resistance from the manager, we got him roleplaying “bad customer” […]

Dang back!

I was getting ready for church this morning and all of a sudden felt a pull in my back. Now my back is out and I have a full day tomorrow doing manager training. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow or it is going to be a really long day!

A day trip to Idaho Falls

Stacia, Talon and I made a trip to Idaho Falls on Sunday to look at a possible new location for the store. We woke up at 6:15 and noticed that it had snowed about two inches over night. I about cancelled the trip, but we checked the road reports and the roads looked clear with […]

Lease negotiations

The lease for our current location is up in a little less than a year. (For our Idaho Falls store) So it is time to re-negotiate the lease. One advantage of a down economy is that rent prices have dropped and we should be able to save quite a bit of money on rent. Another […]

Moving to Idaho Falls

Stacia and I decided to start our new hobby store in Idaho Falls.  We looked at a few other places like Centerville in Utah, but decided that Idaho Falls met our needs better and after doing some market research we also discovered that there really wasn’t much in the way of a hobby stores in […]

Competition has moved!

Our main competition moved to a new location.  Being the successful business men that they are, they have a small sign at the old location saying that they moved. The sign doesn’t provide any information on the new location or even provide a phone number. You can only see the sign from one direction as […]

Dapco Hobbies up for sale

We got a bit of interesting news from a customer this last Saturday.  It turns out that our local competition, Dapco Hobbies, has gone up for sale.  I like to think that it is because of our awesome management of our store, but more than likely it is more the mis-management of theirs. With the […]