Selling the house

We put our house on the market when we were looking at the QuikDrop franchise. Fortunately, we weren’t able to get the house sold before both of the QuikDrop stores went out of business. Talk about dodging a bullet! Not only would we have been putting the store into a smaller area, we would have […]

The initial idea

The whole idea of starting our own business came about while Stacia and I were taking our daily walks.  During this time, the housing market was way up and people were buying and selling houses like they were trading collectible cards.  Stacia and I would talk about a lot of things, but one of the […]

First HobbyTown Post

I decided that I wanted to keep a record of our experience, buying and then working on setting up a small business franchise called HobbyTown USA. Hopefully I can provide a little insight into what it takes to setup your own business.