Lunch with Mom

Talon and I went over to Overland Court to see my mom and they were in the dining area getting ready to eat. We decided to take mom to lunch. We signed mom out and loaded her into the car. We drove out to Eagle road and decided to go to Freddy’s Steak burgers. After […]

Dang back!

I was getting ready for church this morning and all of a sudden felt a pull in my back. Now my back is out and I have a full day tomorrow doing manager training. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow or it is going to be a really long day!

Good to be home

Got home from a long day of work. My lovely wife made some homemade pizza which was YUMMY-O-LIOCIOUS! I then spent the last thirty minutes wresting with my little five year old.  He is sure a sweet little guy and I love him more than he will probably ever know! I hope when he grows […]

Talon’s Kindle Fire

We got Talon’s Kindle Fire today. I think Talon was in shock, he kept asking Stacia if it was his Kindle Fire. I think he will really like it! The real challenge will be teaching how to take care of it properly.

Old Games

After the small flood that we had, Stacia had to move a bunch of boxes out of the storage / utility room and in the process uncovered my old Gameboy Advance. Talon can’t put it down. All I have to do to get him to do something like clean his room is threaten to take […]

Kindle Fire for Talon

We decided to get a Kindle Fire for Talon. We were looking at the Leapfrog Explorer, but it cost almost as much as the fire and the games are about 25 bucks a pop. A lot of the apps for the “KF” are less than five bucks and are just as good if not better. […]

Our little flood

Yesterday I went to hop in the shower and we didn’t have any hot water. So Stacia went downstairs to check the pilot light on the water heater and discovered there was about an inch of water on the floor on the utility / storage room. Most of our stuff was in plastic bins, so […]

Watching Star Trek Voyager with Talon

Talon and I are watching some ST:V and trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  I’m still battling some Taco Time from a few days ago!!!

Families vs. Politics

Everyone in my family is fighting over politics. Half of the family Love Obama and the other half aren’t so fond of him. I understand that there will be some disagreements, but come on don’t be so thin skinned. Can’t we have an adult discussion without everyone’s nose getting bent out of joint?

Telling Dad “Hi”

When I was about 15 year old, I decided that I was tired of just ducking my head and trying to be invisible when Dad got home from work. I decided that I would make the effort to at least tell him “Hi” when he came home. For a while, I would just get a […]