Another Move

We finally got on offer on our house that we accepted!  So, we were ready to move forward with the HobbyTown Franchise. The buyers had the house inspected and we had a few items that we needed to have fixed.  One problem that I had was the inspector was a complete dork that didn’t know […]

The Move to Idaho Falls

We hired a company to move our stuff to Idaho Falls.  But after the movers had left, we still had a fair amount of stuff that needed to be moved but they couldn’t take.  Some of the stuff was gas and the like that they weren’t allowed to take because it was flamable, some was […]

25 random things about me

1. I enjoy spending time with my family. Talon is a riot, I just love his sweet innocent nature. I sure wish I had his energy. 2. I always mean to send a note or call to keep in touch but never seem to get around to it. 3. I’m glad that computers are a […]

Bought a new house!

Well, I’m happy to say that after having been in business for ourselves for a year, we were able to purchase a house of our own!  We were told by the bank when we first opened our business that it would be two years before we would be able to get financing for a house.  […]