Manager training day two

Another productive day working with the managers. I think they are starting to realize that we need them to step up and actually manage the stores… go figure. 🙂

Manager training

Today was the first day out of three for our manager training. I’ve been working with the full time manager for our Idaho Falls store and our assistant manager for the Bountiful store. So far it has been going pretty good!  After a bit of resistance from the manager, we got him roleplaying “bad customer” […]

Dang back!

I was getting ready for church this morning and all of a sudden felt a pull in my back. Now my back is out and I have a full day tomorrow doing manager training. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow or it is going to be a really long day!

Grand Opening!!!

So, this post has been in drafts for about four years, so I am really having to think back to the grand opening of our Idaho Falls store. It was a bright and sunny day and the birds were singing…. just kidding! 🙂 Most of the day was a total blur. Being the introvert that […]

Good to be home

Got home from a long day of work. My lovely wife made some homemade pizza which was YUMMY-O-LIOCIOUS! I then spent the last thirty minutes wresting with my little five year old.  He is sure a sweet little guy and I love him more than he will probably ever know! I hope when he grows […]

Talon’s Kindle Fire

We got Talon’s Kindle Fire today. I think Talon was in shock, he kept asking Stacia if it was his Kindle Fire. I think he will really like it! The real challenge will be teaching how to take care of it properly.

A day trip to Idaho Falls

Stacia, Talon and I made a trip to Idaho Falls on Sunday to look at a possible new location for the store. We woke up at 6:15 and noticed that it had snowed about two inches over night. I about cancelled the trip, but we checked the road reports and the roads looked clear with […]

Old Games

After the small flood that we had, Stacia had to move a bunch of boxes out of the storage / utility room and in the process uncovered my old Gameboy Advance. Talon can’t put it down. All I have to do to get him to do something like clean his room is threaten to take […]

Kindle Fire for Talon

We decided to get a Kindle Fire for Talon. We were looking at the Leapfrog Explorer, but it cost almost as much as the fire and the games are about 25 bucks a pop. A lot of the apps for the “KF” are less than five bucks and are just as good if not better. […]