Manager training

Today was the first day out of three for our manager training. I’ve been working with the full time manager for our Idaho Falls store and our assistant manager for the Bountiful store. So far it has been going pretty good!  After a bit of resistance from the manager, we got him roleplaying “bad customer” Hopefully it will help him deal with some of the more difficult customers.  We also spent a bit of time on customer interview techniques.  If we spend time interviewing the customer properly before the sale, we can prevent a lot of problems after. A good example would be selling an eight year old a R / C plane. I don’t care how much of a prodigy the kid is, he isn’t going to be successful with a plane. It would be much better to get him a copy of the simulator to practice on. At the very least, the customer can’t come back and say that we didn’t tell him it would be a disaster!