Camping vagabonds

Camping during one of our summer vacations, Dad decided that he wanted to see how much of the countryside we could take in during the duration of the trip.  Every other day, we would pack everything up and move to a new site.  The next to the last day we stopped at a camp site […]

Spotlighting vs. the cruise

I asked dad to borrow the truck to go spotlighting (driving very fast while shooting rifles at poor little bunnies) and he refused. After several tries to get him to change his mind, I finally changed my tact and asked if I could borrow it to go on the cruise instead. I finally got him […]

Ford F150 and the motor mounts

Before you read this story, you really need to read the story about the camper for a good description of what was involved in this story! 🙂 Mom and Dad had lent me the truck and I was driving around with my friends (I can’t remember why I had borrowed the truck and where I […]