Grand Opening!!!

So, this post has been in drafts for about four years, so I am really having to think back to the grand opening of our Idaho Falls store. It was a bright and sunny day and the birds were singing…. just kidding! 🙂 Most of the day was a total blur. Being the introvert that I am, it was a real challenge! Not only were there literally hundreds of new people, we were also doing a radio remote. Someone somewhere thought it would be a good idea to put me on live radio to talk about some of the boardgames we carry. What a disaster that was! As soon as the lady held the mic to my mouth, I started to hum and haw… I got a few words out but only about twenty seconds of air time before she realized what a mistake it was.

It was also my first taste of how dishonest some people can be. One guy lined up all his friends and family so they could each use one of the $10 off of $20 coupons we handed out at the door. Not thinking that we are trying to earn a living, he is trying to game the system to see how much he could take us for. A lot of people seem to think we are rolling in money, but don’t ever seem to notice how we are driving thirteen year old cars and renting a place to live. Can’t say that we really have anything in savings either. Our only hope is that one day the stores will do better and so will we… 🙂 It is said that we are self employeed, but really we just work for the bank.

Anyway, overall it was a fun day but all I can say is,”boy have we learned a lot in our five years in business” Hopefully both stores will continue to grow!