Lunch with Mom

Talon and I went over to Overland Court to see my mom and they were in the dining area getting ready to eat. We decided to take mom to lunch. We signed mom out and loaded her into the car. We drove out to Eagle road and decided to go to Freddy’s Steak burgers. After we got our food, we decided to head over to settlers park. About two thirds through our meal, Mom announces that she needs to use the bathroom. After a few moments of panic, I decided that I would take her over and see what we could do. It was about 30+ minutes back to the assisted living location. So we finished our meal and I headed with her over to the bathroom. Two of the three bathrooms were closed while the last wheel chair accessable bathroom was in use. After a couple minutes of waiting, the door to the one usable bathroom opened and a woman pushed out her elderly mother, in a wheelchair, out of of the bathroom. I then wheeled her into the bathroom and told Mom that she could yell at me when she was done. As I left the bathroom, the woman asked if Mom needed help and I indicated that she did. So this VERY nice lady went in to help my Mom use the restrooom while I waited outside and visited with her 97 year old mother. I’m very thankful for that good sameritan that was willing to help out!